Are you a fan of jewelry? Sign-up now for amazing finds and one of a kind pieces and add it to your collections. I'm also a fan of some jewelries mostly those big, one of a kind RINGS..

To know more about Jewelmint:

JewelMint is the next big thing in fashion, presented by fashion icon and actress Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter.
Here’s how it works: For a $29.99 monthly membership, subscribers pick one piece of designer jewelry per month from their personalized showroom, which is matched according to their style profile. Oh, and all pieces are 70 percent off retail. Simple as that




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    2. I'm a member of jewelmint and they have such great pieces! xoxoxoo

    3. @ Carolin..yup I really love your outfits. I'm thinking of posting some of my 5 best dressed bloggers. Mind if I post some of your pics? Thanks!
      And FC: Jewelmint really rocks!


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